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Pre-Med Student, Researcher, Techie, and Wonderer

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Hi all! You’ve found the personal website of Chandler Weiner, a student at Rollins College majoring in Biology and minoring in Judaic Studies. I’m a science student, tea lover, teacher/tutor, and technology enthusiast. I’m excited to have you here! I’m working on a ton of websites at the moment, onces that are soon ready for the limelight, and others that are still a few months away. Right now, my personal website is due for some work of its own. Stay tuned, as ChandlerWeiner.com will be revamped into a portfolio site of me. Until then, keep in touch. Sincerely, –Chandler

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Science Lover

I have always had a deep passion for science and have been very fortunate to get real hands-on experience in advanced labs.

Always Improving

I’m not happy with staying the same. This is the time to learn and grow!

Avid Techie

I am an avid techie who loves to build PC’s, code websites, create server clusters, and just tinker around. If it has a circuit board, chances are I’ll be able to fix it!

Open Tutor

I love sharing what I have been so fortunate to learn. Sometimes, it takes someone presenting a different approach to get you through a tough class. Let me help you with my professional tutoring services.

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Website Updates

Hello World! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! It is a work in progress, so I appreciate your understanding as it gets put together.

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